Living away from home

Hi Everyone,

When I decided to make the final decision to commit to Benedictine University I didn’t know if i wanted to live on campus or off campus, due to my house only being about forty  minutes away.  My parents decided to ship me off and give me the opportunity to live on campus. Once I found this out I went right to the Benedictine Facebook page looking for a roommate which was so helpful but also nice to be able to find my roommate on my own and really have the chance to connect with her. I was scared that moving on campus I would feel stuck or trapped here by not having a car but I was totally wrong. Benedictine University offers a ton of activities daily and over the weekends. Varying for all personalities, some of these activities being concerts, auctions,quad days,dorm activities held by R.A’s, dances in the Coal Ben or Krasa, football games and so much more. I learned in a short amount of time that the people who gave me my tour around Benedictine and told me living on campus is a lot of fun were correct. After completing my first semester of college here at Benedictine I realized how little I went home and when I did I wanted to go back to school so I could be around my friends but also the fun environment Benedictine provides students that go here. So if you have the opportunity to live on campus at Benedictine I would highly recommend taking it, it may be scary or worrisome but trust me it is totally worth it!!

Have a great day, Taylor


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