Things I Learned My First Semester at BenU!

My first semester of college has flown by, but I thought I’d share a few important things I’ve learned from my first semester at BenU:

  1. College wasn’t as scary as I thought! The transition from high school classes to college classes went smoothly and the work wasn’t a lot more difficult. It’s really all about using your time management skills and getting it done!
  2. Naps are beautiful things. Take advantage of any time you have to nap between classes.  Especially since I’m always waking up early for cross-country, I can’t stress enough how important it is to get rest. You’ll need it for some of your longer classes.  Better to sleep in your bed than in the middle of class!
  3. Make a good first impression: College can be an awesome time for change, so when your interacting with fellow students and teachers at first, make sure you give them the right idea of who you are and who you want to be now that you’re in college.
  4. Get all your food groups in! It’s hard to stay healthy in college but make sure you always keep track of what you’ve eaten for the day. Don’t just survive on coffee. It doesn’t work. It makes you way to jittery. Carbs, Protein, and Veggies!
  5. It’s good to dress up! There’s this stereotype that college is all about sweatpants and t-shirts, and trust me sweatpants are still the best things ever invented when it comes to being comfy during school, but it still feels good to dress up! I know I’m more attentive in class when I have jeans on because im not slouching around in my chair. Put on nice clothes once in a while, you’ll feel better!
  6. Living on a small campus is amazing. When you hear all your friends at bigger schools saying how they have to wait for a bus or walk 15 minutes in the cold to their classes, you’ll know what I mean. I try not to rub it in too hard that I can literally roll out of bed 5 mins before class and still be on time 🙂

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes your first semester! Second semester is a fresh start for you to apply what you’ve learned 🙂


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