The benefits of an on-campus job

Deciding to become a student ambassador has been a decision I am very happy with.  Besides students ambassadors though, there are also many other jobs that one could apply for such as becoming a student caller or someone who works in the Coalben or cafeteria. So if you are considering applying for an on-campus job but you are unsure, I hope to give you some insight so you can make your decision.

Since I am a student ambassador, I will be focusing more on the benefits of my job in particular, however these benefits apply in some ways to the other jobs I mentioned earlier. My job mainly includes blogging (obviously haha), and  giving tours to interested and potential, future students.  There are many benefits that come with being a student ambassador! These include:

  • Getting to choose my blogging hours (blogging is optional) in available slots according to my schedule
  • Picking out the dates you are able to work when your boss emails you upcoming events/tours (Note: there are some events that are mandatory to work)
  • Being able to meet new people-both workers and future students
  • Having a chance to represent Benedictine and have a positive influence on those interested
  • Not having to worry about driving to work (if you are a resident)
  • Gives you spending money-which comes in handy for needs or just a night out
  • Strengthening social skills-helpful for almost any career you will be pursuing

I hope that this information helps you in deciding whether or not an on-campus job is suitable for you!


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