Great Restaurants around Benedictine!

Around Benedictine University there are several restaurants near by. Luckily we also have our own restaurant on campus called the Coal Ben. There is also a Subway, several Chinese restaurants and many others. Here I will List the different Restaurants around Benedictine University.

1. At the Coal Ben there is a variety of food, also once a month I believe they switch up the specials. The food there is fantastic and does not get old. Not only can you get food, but they also serve coffee, smoothies and other beverages.

2. There is a Panda Express located on Ogden Avenue.

3. There is a Subway located on Route 53 and maple ave.

4. There is a Flattop Grill in Downtown Naperville.

5. There is  a Chipotle in Downtown Naperville.

6. There is a Jimmy Johns in Downtown Naperville.

7. There is a Noodles & Company located in downtown Naperville as well.

8. If you like Indian Food, there is a restaurant called Indian Harvest which is on Ogden Ave.

As you can see there are several restaurants around campus, which is very convenient as a college student. All of these are great restaurants and many more out there around campus.


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