Typical Winter Break. Not.

Unlike high school, winter break in college is a whole month long. For a super sleeper like me, I used the first week or two to catch up on my many lost hours of sleep. I woke up at 2 pm,  ran around in my pajamas, made pancakes in the middle of the day, and slept some more. No real schedule; it was fun time all day, every day. It’s the childhood dream.

After days of sleeping in, I returned to my job at the local grocery store. Day in and day out, I would wake up late, play video games, and head back to work later in the day.

I hung out with some of my high school friends and reminisced about the good times we all had just like you would at a 25 year reunion.

As Christmas was approaching, I was getting more and more anxious. When the day finally arrived, I tore those presents open like no other. It was nice to celebrate with my family and ate tons of food, and even nicer to have a few more weeks to recover. New Years came and went; it didn’t feel like anything changed, but I was glad to begin a fresh, new year.

Soon, I began to miss the tiny confines of my dorm room and the ability to walk 3 feet down the hall to hang out with my friends. It was time to plan an adventure with the college buds!

I called ’em up, hopped on a train heading downtown, and spent the day city having a blast with my friends. We went ice skating at Millennium Park, took several stereotypical pictures at the bean (which we later coined the term “beaning”), got some grub at Potbelly’s, and strolled down state street. We even took a detour to go explore Trump Tower. The night ended with me and my friend heading back to the burbs on a crowded train full of snoring passengers. It was an awesome and eventful day.

Over break, I went on a Pinterest binge and discovered tons of new crafts to do. I even read all three books of the Hunger Games series. I got a lot done!  As much as I missed being here at Benedictine, while time was running out I didn’t want to go back, but duty calls.

Now that I’m back, it feels like I never left. I’m here at my second home with my second family. 🙂


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