Martin Luther King Breakfast

Benedictine had participated in continuing the tradition of celebrating and embracing diversity as Martin Luther King had started.  On a fridged morning guests of the Martin Luther King breakfast were warmly greeted by Benedictine University staff and students to partake in the celebration.  Guests were brought to the campuses main dining room and treated to an elegant breakfast.  The dining room was elegantly decorated, a departure from the cozy casual atmosphere that students enjoy. The DuPage gospel choir had preformed for the guests as well.  The event was attended by prominate figures such as President Carol (the President of Benedictine), the President of Nicor Gas, and Jill Morgenthaler.  All of the speakers had delivered messages about how diversity has played an important role in thier life, and how we must work to continue to embrace diversity.  There were breakout sessions after the breakfast, for people to engague in service oppertunities as Martin Luther King deemed important from the messages that he had delivered in his lifetime. Guests were encouraged to participate in various breakout sessions to help with projects that would give items like blankets and other products to help out the less fortunate.
The Martin Luther King breakfast and day of service were an example of Benedictine’s involvment to give back and unite the community. The event itself was a large success due to the support of the community at large and the help of the university. Not only was Martin Luther King celebrated, but his vison was still alive thanks to the event. Helping out and voulnteering as a student to help make this event happen is just another unique experience that I get to partake in as a student at Benedictine!


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