How to Cram for an Exam


Warning: This is not recommended. You should always try to study at least a week in advance for a big exam or test. This is in case you completely forget about an exam, or you just procrastinate like me.

First step is to get some friends together. This is great because you can bounce ideas off of each other while at the same time keep each other awake. Plus you get to quiz one another.

Next, grab your book, notes, and any study guide given to you and head to the library. The library is one of the best places to study, especially in the interactive zone because it has a huge white board wall for you to write Q & A’s or math problems on. It’s good to get out of your room to study because then you won’t be distracted by music, social networks, and whatnot. Many of my teachers let you keep previous quizzes, tests, and sometimes exams; make sure you bring those to study with you especially if the exam or test is cumulative.

Once you’ve got everything you need and you are in the perfect spot to study, it’s time to get cramming. Go through any and all material that you know will be on the test to find your strengths and weaknesses. Pick out the topics that you know you have trouble with and focus on those the most.

Try not to stay up too late because if you’re dead tired the next day, all of the studying you did the night before won’t make a difference. So get together with your buds, find a place to study, stay energized, get cramming, and good luck!


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