Roommate/Dorm room Etiquette

If you’ve never had to share a room with someone and are planning on becoming a future resident, this is really a great post to read. I would like to establish a roommate/dorm etiquette that at least provides a standard for how one should behave when living with someone else. My hopes are that my tips will lead to less potential conflict with roommates or your neighboring residents. Since some of the advice may seem silly or like common sense, I just want to state that I tried to make it as relevant as possible by considering my own personal experience as well as other people’s experiences.

1. Do not take or borrow your roommates possessions. This also includes eating their food. If you ask and/or your roommate gives you permission, then that is a whole other story.

2. Take turns taking out the trash/recycling bin if you share one.

3. If you throw away food, take the garbage out right away to avoid creating a bad odor in the room.

4. Ask before spraying strong products, such as Lysol, in the room to be polite.

5. Do not bring people into the room that will cause a distraction when your roommate is studying.

6. Keep your “side” or possessions in the room neat and tidy. A little disorganization is expected of course-you’re a college student who will frequently become very busy. But it is respectful to make sure that your roommate does not have to walk over your things.

7. If you have to wake up early for class or any other matter, try to get ready and especially open/close the door quietly.

8. When in the lounge and other people are studying, be quiet and respectful.

9. If you clip your nails, do it in the bathroom or over a trashcan.

10. Make sure you collaborate with your roommate before making changes in the room that may have an impact on them. For instance, changing the temperature in the room. Figure out their preferences and work things out together.

All in all, these tips should give you an idea of how to behave when you are a resident. Keep in mind that over time you will become more comfortable with your roommate (and hopefully good friends), and therefore know their personal likes and dislikes.


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