Breaking the Barrier

As most people do, I came into college not knowing anyone. I was eager to make new friends this school year, but, until recently, I never really knew the impact that I could make by getting to really know someone. For resident students that live in the dorms, your roommate is usually the first friend you make. You contact each other before school even starts and get to know each other. My roommate and I were paired randomly, but we have become so close and I love her to death. We get along perfectly and have had no problems whatsoever being roomed together.

Next, you meet the people who live in your dorm building, specifically the people on your floor and your next-door neighbors. These are the people you instantly get to know because you spend so much time with each other and you do live with them during the school year. One of my best friends in college lives across the hall from me and, as we got to know each other, I instantly knew we could be there for each other and talk about anything.

Then when classes finally start, you begin to meet your classmates. You may start studying together for that class or just having small conversations here and there. All friendships start out small, and some flourish into a great friendship or some stay as aquaintances. The deciding factor in that situation is how you can get to know someone. I started studying and doing homework for calculus with my friend, and soon enough we got to know each other more and more, and became good friends. We still study, but hangout more often and have fun outside of class.

However, I’m not talking about the people you tend to see everyday while in college. I mean getting out of your comfort zone to meet people. There’s so may people that live on your college campus, and you won’t get the chance to meet them until you put yourelf out there. You can do this by joining a club, getting an on-campus job, checking out the events planned at Coal Ben, or going to a Zumba session every tuesday night at the Rice Fitness Center. I have met so many of my great friends in college so far by opening my horizons and breaking that barrier. My closest friends, the friends that I wouldn’t trade for the world and who I can be most open with, are the people I met from the most random times of me introducing myself and really taking the time to get to know them.

I’m grateful that I have gotten the chance to be open with the people I now live with, learn with, and have fun with during my college experience. The biggest lesson I could learn from starting college is that “college is what you make of it.” Many people might have told you that already and it is the absolute truth. Being a college student, you are now an independent (or semi-independent) person and make your own decisions. Use this to your advantage to create your life out of college and make your own experiences along the way. Meeting new people is a great way to open your horizons and gain new perspectives! It has definitiely made my first semester in college worthwhile, and I recommend it to anyone to break out their comfort zones!


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