Surviving the First Day of a Semester!

The thought of coming back to school never sounds appealing, but it dosent need to be dreadful!  It can be quite fun; that is if you are prepared.  When coming back to school there are a few simple steps that can be done to get yourself ready for a nice easy start.

1. Prep all the materials that you think you will need.  This could be anything from books to other supplies that you may need. Have notebooks or other basic necessities that you like ready to go well in advance. It may seem redundant, but there is always the person who forgets, and its never good to be them! Don’t forget other acessories you may need like calculator, special notebook used for labs, lab coats and goggles (for those of us who have labs).

2. Have a system ready to organize all the papers and other content you will recive. Often times you will have a couple of professors that use a large amounts of handouts to teach, and you will want to find them quickly when it comes time to take tests. Otherwise you will have to waste time looking for things while you can be studying, or worse you may loose them. Also, think about how you will store digital content, as more instructors move to digital content and online course mangment systems. Having a flash drive as well is not a bad idea, you will always have a paper that you may want to type in your free time on a computer, and it is a good way to keep all your digital content in one convient place (just don’t loose it, or back it up just in case).

3. Check your schedule, make sure it still fits your needs (work, sports team obligations, or personal needs). Also, check to see that you are in the classes that you may need to compleat your major. Look to see if you have moved up on any wait lists that you may be on (this is where you are in a list that determines who will get a seat in a class that has no more seats). Along with getting into a class that you are waitlisted, you may want to see if there is a new section of the class that has opend up. Make any schedule changes as early as you can, even if you are not having luck, keep trying.

4. Look for pre class communications! There could be pre class asingments, not common, but not impossible! Also, there can be other important messages of what you will need on the first day, notices as to what materials you should have.

Make sure all these things are taken care of the day before classes are started at the latest, the best is to start the process a week or two earlier.

On the day of classes you will want to make sure that you:

1. Get up on time (sleeping in is the worst excuse for missing or being late to class).

2. Be on time, being late will leave a bad impression on the professor and could even cost you the seat in the class!

3. Don’t be absent, this will cost you the seat in any class, if you need to be absent, you should email the professor ahead of time, and the excuse better be real good!

4. Come prepared, this seems like another no brainer, but needless to say there are people who still havent got this figured out after 12+ years of school.

5. Be strategic, you may be waitlisted for a class, find the professor and talk to them, go to the class if you can’t find the professor. This is important to show you are serious, they may let you in.

6. You may need extra materials, or you may need to return materials, do it fast so you have them or get them back before the return deadline.

7. Start to study, its never too early, and it will impress the professor when you know the content early on in the semester.

This is about everything that you would need to do to be successful for the first day of classes. Although, you shouldent forget to say hi to old friends and make shure that you meet some new ones!
Also, don’t forget to have fun as well…it is college after all!


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