How not to fail a test

As exams approch, many students worry about their grades. Sometimes even people are worried about passing the class, but this dosent have to be. College is not that diffcult, its not easy, but with a little planning everything will be ok. Passing an exam is just like anything else in life, with preperation and hard work you will be bound to succeed.

1.  Start the process early! Procrastination is your worst enemy, it will enevitly bring you down. You need to start the process early, even if it means just studying a little bit every day a week before, it will help! This gives you time to let the material sink in, otherwise you will feel rushed and miss the details. Starting early also gives you time to find answers to things that you are unsure about.

2. Make sure that you understand everything! This is the most important step, if you don’t understand a concept it may affect your proformance on the whole test. If you dont understand something you should find somebody to help. This could be a friend who is in the class and is doing well, a tutor, an upperclassmen who knows the material or has taken the class or even the professsor.
3.   Prepare the night before, study and make sure that you get a good night sleep! These are the most important filnal steps to prepare yourself! A good nights sleep is very important, it will help you be alert and think criticly when taking the test.

These are the three most important steps for preparing for a test! There are many other factors that contribute to your success, such as going to class and getting good notes. By following these simple steps you will be bound to succeed and not fail your test.


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