Random Roommate- How to build a relationship!

I  received a random roommate which I am completely happy with just because of the bond we have created. I know many of my friends are roommates with friends they know from high school or maybe they met over the summer, but I personally believe that when you meet someone new, your not only meeting a new person but you are also making yourself a better person. Full of confidence, especially as a freshmen in college you start off really shy and then slowly get out of your comfort zone most of the time but not always.
By meeting new people like a random roommate you become open, make new friends with his/her friends. My roommate and I have roommates530[1]created a bond and we basically consider each other as brothers. We both come from two different religions and beliefs, two different family styles and we both respect each other. Everyone has different opinions that can be wrong or right, but as a roommate you need to understand that no one has the same ideas and no one agrees to everything someone has to say.
To have a peaceful and successful relationship with a random roommate you need to build a bond full of trust. For example, when I walk out of my room to go to class, I know that I can trust my roommate in the room alone without worrying if anything will be missing.
One way to build a relationship with your roommate that is very effective would be to hang out together, go out for lunch or dinner. If you are going out, ask your roommate if he/she would like to join. Make sure to keep in touch, do not just go in the room to sleep and not say a single word to them, create conversations and don’t be awkward with each other because that will not help at all and then you will most likely end up with a new roommate or a single room which gets lonely.


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