It is all about BaLaNcE, bAlAnCe, BALANCE!

Have you ever had that feeling that you just can’t do it anymore? Have you asked yourself how it is anyway possible to have school, work, and a social life all at once? Those people that claim they do must be lying, right?  Well, the answer is no! It is possible and it is not a supernatural power that you must possess. All it takes is a little bit of BaLaNcE!

Yes, I am sure right now you are rolling your eyes and saying “If it was that easy then I would have figured it out by now” or “This blogger clearly does not know how much stress I have on my plate”. And to be honest you are absolutely right! If it was that easy then you would be able to master the this life triad dilemma and I truly do not know not know what your stress load entails. What I do know is that finding bAlAnCe is challenging and it takes a great deal of practice to master.

Just to clarify, stress is NOT, I repeat NOT a bad thing. Stress is a normal and healthy part of life. Where stress becomes dangerous is when it is constant. Recurring stress can be harmful to the mind, body, and soul. BaLaNcE will allow you to juggle the everyday curve balls of life, while also allowing you to have a social, professional, and educational life as well. The key is to always look ahead and manage your time. On a daily basis accomplish your tasks in order of importance. And most importantly take time to exercise, eat well, and SLEEP! If you are not physically and mentally healthy then you will never be able to bAlAnCe everything else.

So how does this BaLaNcE thing work again?…. As already mentioned, it is based on always, always, always, prioritizing. Always.  No matter what, if you do not accomplish the tasks that require priority first then stress will resurface and the entire system of bAlAnCe will be thrown off. For example, if you are schedule to work and have an exam the next day, but a friend invites you over for dinner after work it would be best to rain check the dinner until after the exam. Sounds simple right? But when the situation presents itself it is very hard to resist that enticing dinner. If you were to choose to work and then go to dinner, hence opting out of studying, it could affect your grade and later cause you much more stress than if you would have just taken the time to review from the start.

Let’s practice!

1) It is Saturday and this upcoming week you have an exam on Tuesday and  a fairly short paper due Wednesday. Your friend  has a birthday celebration on Tuesday night that you promised over a month ago you would go to. What is the best way to manage your time?

  • My suggestion is: Start by working ahead and map out a schedule. You know the exam is first so it is important to not put studying for that off. Take Saturday to work on your paper without ANY interruptions. Crank it out with minimal breaks so that the paper is fluid. By doing this you leave all of Sunday and Monday to study for the exam without a paper hanging over your head. After the exam on Tuesday, before your friend’s celebration, look over and edit it your paper. After taking a two day break from writing, you should now be able to spot any errors that need to be fixed. Now that the exam is over and your paper is complete, you can take all night to relax and have fun and your friend’s birthday celebration without any stress at all! 

2) It is Monday night and you realize you that you scheduled yourself to work the evening shift from 5PM to 10PM on Tuesday. But wait!! You have an quiz first thing Wednesday morning. How are you going going to study with work and 3 classes tomorrow during the day? What is the best way you think you can manage your time?

  • My suggestion: It is always smart to work ahead. Start Monday night when you remembered that you had a quiz. Create note cards, a study guide, or some other study method that will help you to review for the quiz. Split the material in half and study half of it on Monday Night and half of it on Tuesday night after work. If you want to study everything on Monday night then use your note cards or study guide to review in between classes, at work breaks and in morning/night at home. You got this! There are many ways to manage your time in this situation even if it feels overwhelming. 

Did the practice help? I sure hope so! You see, it is not impossible to manage school, work, and sleep all at the same time. Just manage your time, plan ahead, prioritize, and take care of your health. It’s Just all about BALANCE! 


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