5 steps for making friends in college

Friends are hard to come by they don’t just fall out of the sky. Staying in your room will not get you far as a resident.  As a commuter going to class and then going home will also get you no where when it comes to making friends . You have to get out there and talk to new people . Before I started college making friends was hard for me, I didn’t talk to anyone unless they talked to me first. I would go off by myself in a corner at lunch and every group project I had I would do it by myself. When it was time to start my college life as a freshmen I made a pledge to myself that I would be more open and make new friends. To do this I needed these steps:

Step 1: When I first move in my dorm I am going to keep my door open so people would feel welcome to come in and talk to me anytime I was in my room.

Step 2: If I saw people doing things I would just randomly join them.

Step 3: If I saw someone sitting alone at lunch or dinner I would sit with them.

Step 4: Join a club on campus.

Step 5: In class answer/ask questions.

College is where you make friends that will be with you until the end. Your high school friends tend to grow-up, make new friends, change, and go to different schools. Making friends in college is important if you don’t want to feel alone. With these 5 steps I have made many life long friends.

By following my 5 steps are  guaranteed for making friends

REMEMBER: College is what you make it!!


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