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Great Restaurants around Benedictine!

Around Benedictine University there are several restaurants near by. Luckily we also have our own restaurant on campus called the Coal Ben. There is also a Subway, several Chinese restaurants and many others. Here I will List the different Restaurants around Benedictine University.

1. At the Coal Ben there is a variety of food, also once a month I believe they switch up the specials. The food there is fantastic and does not get old. Not only can you get food, but they also serve coffee, smoothies and other beverages.

2. There is a Panda Express located on Ogden Avenue.

3. There is a Subway located on Route 53 and maple ave.

4. There is a Flattop Grill in Downtown Naperville.

5. There is  a Chipotle in Downtown Naperville.

6. There is a Jimmy Johns in Downtown Naperville.

7. There is a Noodles & Company located in downtown Naperville as well.

8. If you like Indian Food, there is a restaurant called Indian Harvest which is on Ogden Ave.

As you can see there are several restaurants around campus, which is very convenient as a college student. All of these are great restaurants and many more out there around campus.


Life of a Student Caller

As we all know, college is expensive! Most of us have become accustomed to the McDonald’s dollar menu and Ramen noodles.  It’s not a myth.. The term “broke college student” will be a commonly used term once you get to college.  Between the tuition, books, and costs of entertainment, you might find yourself in need of a job.  That’s where Benedictine’s admissions office can come into play 🙂

Most of us students are busy with classes and homework, and can’t fully commit to a job off campus.  Benedictine offers students very flexible hours and they’re very understanding that we’re busy and sometimes things come up.  Students work at a variety of different places on campus. If you really want a job, it won’t be hard to find one.

I, personally, work as a student ambassador giving tours and I’m a student caller.  I started working as a student caller my freshman year and it opened up many doors for me. I met some of my best friends (S/O to Andrew Schroeder and Kerry Kamsiuk) and have had 2 of the best admissions counselors in the world as bosses (S/O to Kathryn Deluhery and Katie LeGros).  The environment at work is really fun and you’ll be able to learn about other jobs that are offered in admissions.  That’s how I found out about being a student ambassador.

So what do we do?  We are those students that have probably left you several voicemails by now.. We call anyone who may be interested in coming to Benedictine and invite them to events or just find out if they need help with applying.  This has been an amazing experience so far and it has improved my communication skills tremendously.  You may not have thought about this, but being able to talk on the phone will help you out a lot in the real world.  Whether it comes to being able to communicate with people in the business world over the phone, or even making personal appointments, these skills are sometimes underestimated.

You also develop a certain level of professionalism at this job.  It’s not uncommon for people to be rude over the phone or even hangup on you.  My guess is you will probably encounter similar situations when you get to the working world.  Some people will be interested in what you have to say, and others won’t.  As a student caller, we all have learned how to interact with different types of people over the phone.  We have learned to politely take people off of the calling list, even when they are kind of rude.  We have also spoken to many very nice people over the phone and have gotten them to come out to events on campus.

Sometimes our boss will create friendly competition between the student callers to see who can get the most RSVP’s.  It can be very rewarding when you are the reason that the most students showed up to a certain event. Another huge perk of this job is that we often get gift cards at the end of the year for our hard work.  Our boss, Katie, will give us cards for food or music.  Overall, the job is a lot of fun, especially when you meet people and get to work with them.

When you get to campus and you want to make some extra money, you should really consider applying for a job as a student caller in admissions!

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Typical Winter Break. Not.

Unlike high school, winter break in college is a whole month long. For a super sleeper like me, I used the first week or two to catch up on my many lost hours of sleep. I woke up at 2 pm,  ran around in my pajamas, made pancakes in the middle of the day, and slept some more. No real schedule; it was fun time all day, every day. It’s the childhood dream.

After days of sleeping in, I returned to my job at the local grocery store. Day in and day out, I would wake up late, play video games, and head back to work later in the day.

I hung out with some of my high school friends and reminisced about the good times we all had just like you would at a 25 year reunion.

As Christmas was approaching, I was getting more and more anxious. When the day finally arrived, I tore those presents open like no other. It was nice to celebrate with my family and ate tons of food, and even nicer to have a few more weeks to recover. New Years came and went; it didn’t feel like anything changed, but I was glad to begin a fresh, new year.

Soon, I began to miss the tiny confines of my dorm room and the ability to walk 3 feet down the hall to hang out with my friends. It was time to plan an adventure with the college buds!

I called ’em up, hopped on a train heading downtown, and spent the day city having a blast with my friends. We went ice skating at Millennium Park, took several stereotypical pictures at the bean (which we later coined the term “beaning”), got some grub at Potbelly’s, and strolled down state street. We even took a detour to go explore Trump Tower. The night ended with me and my friend heading back to the burbs on a crowded train full of snoring passengers. It was an awesome and eventful day.

Over break, I went on a Pinterest binge and discovered tons of new crafts to do. I even read all three books of the Hunger Games series. I got a lot done!  As much as I missed being here at Benedictine, while time was running out I didn’t want to go back, but duty calls.

Now that I’m back, it feels like I never left. I’m here at my second home with my second family. 🙂

Martin Luther King Breakfast

Benedictine had participated in continuing the tradition of celebrating and embracing diversity as Martin Luther King had started.  On a fridged morning guests of the Martin Luther King breakfast were warmly greeted by Benedictine University staff and students to partake in the celebration.  Guests were brought to the campuses main dining room and treated to an elegant breakfast.  The dining room was elegantly decorated, a departure from the cozy casual atmosphere that students enjoy. The DuPage gospel choir had preformed for the guests as well.  The event was attended by prominate figures such as President Carol (the President of Benedictine), the President of Nicor Gas, and Jill Morgenthaler.  All of the speakers had delivered messages about how diversity has played an important role in thier life, and how we must work to continue to embrace diversity.  There were breakout sessions after the breakfast, for people to engague in service oppertunities as Martin Luther King deemed important from the messages that he had delivered in his lifetime. Guests were encouraged to participate in various breakout sessions to help with projects that would give items like blankets and other products to help out the less fortunate.
The Martin Luther King breakfast and day of service were an example of Benedictine’s involvment to give back and unite the community. The event itself was a large success due to the support of the community at large and the help of the university. Not only was Martin Luther King celebrated, but his vison was still alive thanks to the event. Helping out and voulnteering as a student to help make this event happen is just another unique experience that I get to partake in as a student at Benedictine!

Succeeding at BenU

xd8nqf9m9rfhqe7a[1]During your time at Benedictine you want to succeed and do well! This is the time for you to prepare yourself for the future and grow as an individual. One of the first things to do, either before you start college or your freshman year, is make a plan. Figure out what it is that you enjoy doing and would want to do in the future. The Career Development center at Benedictine offers great resources that can help you figure out which career path would suit you best.

Doing internships, shadowing, and volunteering are great ways to understand what it is that you like to do and it also builds your resume. Once you have a plan, start setting goals. It will help you stay on track and keep you motivated. For  each year at Benedictine know what you need to do, which classes to take, and what to get involved in. This way you don’t fall behind and know exactly what to do next. Lastly, stay motivated and follow through. College isn’t easy, you need to work hard and give it your all. Some classes can be very challenging, it was for me, so try your best to stay on top of things. Even if you don’t do well academically, try to stay involved in other clubs and activities. In college, not only will you mature academically, you will build on your character. Everyone wants to succeed in college and there are several different ways to do it, but one of the most important things to remember is that you need to take it just one day at a time. Enjoy your time in college, have fun, don’t take everything too seriously, and even if your plans don’t work out the first time, just try again!