What To Wear ( Do’s and Don’ts )

We’ve all seen it. That walking fashion faux pas. That deadly fashion mistake walking across the quad makes us cringe.

Yes one of the great things about college is that you are able to wear whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean you should.

I will start with the do not’s because those are more fun.


  1. Wear pajamas. Okay, I understand if you have an 8 a.m. class, but otherwise, no one wants to see your hot pink polka-dotted satin pajama bottoms paired with your winter coat. Put some real pants on.
  2. Speaking of pants, guys pull up your pants. This isn’t high school.
  3. Wear Uggs (With Short Shorts) ((In the middle of winter)).  Uggs are the guilty pleasure of many college girls.  If you still choose to wear these shoes, wear them with the appropriate attire! Whoever told you it was okay to wear those boots with those short shorts lied to you. Plus it’s winter, time to put those shorts away.
  4. Dress for the Wrong Season. There are many reasons why you should dress for the right season. A- If it’s freezing out and you are not dressed warmly, you’re going to get sick. B- You will definitely attract the wrong attention. People will ask “What was that person thinking? It’s below freezing outside!” and they will shoot you the o.o look.
  5. Wear Stained Clothing.  This goes for both guys and girls, trust me, I’ve seen both. If we can all tell what you ate yesterday because of the stains on your clothes, there’s something wrong. Wash ’em or toss ’em, do not wear them.  If you have a shirt that’s stained beyond recognition, tie die it a funny color or something; don’t be a slob.
  6. Wear Plaid+Stripes+Rainbows+Neon+AHHH! Plaid shirts can be very trendy and fashionable if worn correctly. If you choose to wear a plaid shirt, please, please, please make sure you do not pair it with some crazy neon tank top or oddly colored sweatpants.  This goes for any pattern: keep it simple.
  7. Leggings are not Pants.  They do not substitute for pants; they are meant to be worn under an oversized shirt, tunic, skirt, or dress!
  8. Wear Crocs. Ew.
  9. Wear Heels. These are okay if you have an interview, but wearing them from class to class is a no-no.
  10. Flip-flops with Sweatpants or Socks. If it’s cold enough for you to be wearing sweatpants or socks, then it’s cold enough for you to wear real shoes.
  11. Rival Apparel.  Support your school, do not wear other schools’ logos.
  12. Leave the Club Outfit in the Closet.   True story. I’ve seen a girl in a tight dress looking like she just came from the club. Leave the party at home when you’re going to classes.


  1. Be comfortable. This does not mean be lazy. I give you permission to rock the sweatshirt, as long as you don’t pair a bright red sweatshirt with bright red sweatpants and you don’t look like a crazed track star, it’s okay. It’s important to be comfortable in your classes so that you can focus on the material.
  2. Be Unique.  Feel free to be yourself, just try not to overdo it. You do not have to express your entire personality though your clothing.
  3. Bargain Shop/Thrift. You can find some really trendy clothing in the sales racks of Carson Pirie Scott or Macy’s. I bought a $150 dollar Liz Claiborne blazer for $20 at Macy’s once. You can always find something that no one else has for a good price.
  4. Cardi Party.  Rock the cardigan. I’m a huge fan of cardigans. Pair one with a nice dress and some cute leggings and you’re good to go!
  5. Pea coat.  Nothing is more handsome than a guy in a pea coat in the middle of winter. Girls, pea coats can be slimming and stylish, so make sure it’s apart of your stock of winter apparel.
  6. Jeans. They go with everything, unless you’re wearing the same color denim shirt. Skinny, bell bottoms, boot cut, what ever style of jeans speaks to you!
  7. Boots. Paired with a nice jean, boots can go with anything. They are a step up from your average shoe. Plus having rain boots for the rain and snow boots for the winter are necessary. Be prepared for the winter!

Just remember when you’re picking out what to wear every morning: If you think it looks bad, it probably does.


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