Finals Week – What it’s like!

As a freshman I noticed that finals week is nothing like finals week in high school. During this week, you witness all your friends and yourself in panic mode and somewhat stressed. You will be checking grades constantly to make sure you know what you need to pass the class. Myself, I was in the library studying everyday of finals week and so were many others. You will see commuters on campus more instead of them going home after class. Many review sessions going on, the only thing you think about is the next test you have.

For some, finals week is more stressful than it is for others. Some need a certain grade for the career they are going for. Some of them will be stressed after tests hoping to get a good grade, they don’t want to do bad. For some, it gets emotional. After taking tests, they wait a few days and then grades are up. Some did not do as well as they thought they would. Also some got the grade they wanted or better so they get excited. Finals week is like the most important week of school for many. After Finals week is over, the students act as if it was summer vacation and act all crazy.

That is basically what Finals week is like, everyone studying in groups or alone. There will be people in the library, fireside lounge, Coal Ben, and in the dorms. There are few rules that are set during this one week which are to respect those who are studying, and to not be disruptive. That is mainly it, so follow them and do your best on your finals!


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