Tips to Choosing a Major as a Freshmen

imagesCAVSP3HUAs a freshman, you want an idea of what you want to do with your life. Coming straight out of high school does not prepare you to make a choice of career; it only prepares you for college in a sense of classes and learning. When you start college start figuring out what you like to do. Make sure you choose something that you will enjoy, and are willing to do for the next sixty some years. Here I will provide you with a few things you should do that will help you decide on a career path. I did it for myself and several others and it worked.
1) While you go through your day of classes, make a list of your hobbies. Don’t always go for the money.
2) Talk to upper class men for advice; ask them what they think you should do. Let them suggest options. They do have more experience in college, so take advantage of that.
3) Make sure to talk to your advisor. They will really help you, even though at the end you are making the decision, they can give you choices so you can succeed. They are there for a reason. They can also help you take a small survey that can help you choose a career.
4) Talk to friends, sometimes your friends, the ones who understand you can tell you what they think. They will be able to tell you what you are good at and what you will enjoy.
5) Talk to your professors; ask them what made them choose their current career.  It will sometimes help you make a decision from others experience.
6) Also to your parents, parents are very supportive and understand that college is not easy. They will help you decide; they have been in the work force for several years and can help you decide a good career that will make you successful.
7) Lastly, ask yourself what you want to do with your life. You know yourself better than anyone. Look back at that list you made, and see if anything changed. Also look at your past and see what you enjoyed doing in high school.

I hope this helped, I used this myself and I ended up changing my major. I was a health science major, but I realized that I have been teaching math my whole high school career and that is where I belong. Just remember, it is not bad to change majors as long as you don’t wait till the last moment. There is always a good reason for something to happen so just take every chance you get to figure your life out.


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