Places to study on Campus

Sometimes it’s hard to find a place to study on-campus, but here are some ideas! As a student who has been here for over 3 years, I’ve got some places that I can go cram for an upcoming exam.

Obviously the Library! – the second floor is a great place for group studies since there are those awesome walls that you can write on! This floor can get loud during the day so it’s definitely not the place to go if you want to study quietly on your own. The third floor of the library is mostly quiet and there are computers, open tables if you want to sit with your friends, and individual tables if you want to study on your own. The basement of the library is great because it never gets crowded and they’ve got some great study rooms down there!

Krasa – This is where I usually go when the library gets packed! The great thing about this place is that it’s open 24/7! So you can stay there till even 4 in the morning if you need to! In the basement, they’ve got big study tables and a couple big white boards that you can use for group studying. During the weekdays they even have tutors down there if you’ve got any last minute questions or need help studying! Krasa fireside is another great place to review your test materials with your friends since its got some comfy couches!

Birck Basement — Since there are mostly classrooms down there, it’s really quiet in the hallways when classes are in session. They have a couple study tables with white boards surrounding it so it’s an awesome place for group studies! There’s also a room with lot of couches if you need a quiet place to study on your own!

Coal Ben — This is a great place for people that like music, tv, and food while studying! There is plenty space for students to study alone or with their friends! You can watch the basketball game, eat some fries, and get your work done!

Resident Halls — If you live on campus, your room is obviously a great place to study since your in your zone. If your a commuter, go study with your friend that’s a resident! The lounges in Jeager and Ondrak are a great place to get some work done with your friends. This is where I spent most of my night time as a resident my freshman year catching up on my school work! If you live in Founders, you’ve got that big living room space to spread out all your books and study study study!

Outside — On days when the weather is great, one of the best places to study is outside! There are plenty benches under trees around campus to read, review, and study!


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