Benedictine Lingo!

Walking around campus and having no idea what everyone’s talking about? Here’s a guide to lingo used around Benedictine Campus.


Hey, you heading over to Krasa later?”

Krasa is the dining hall where many people go for lunch and dinner here at BenU.


“Dude, I was in Fireside the other day and I fell asleep on the couch!”

Fireside is the lounge located in the 1st floor of Krasa.

The Slough

“I canoed the Slough yesterday!!”

Pronounced the “SLEEEW,” the Slough is the pond/lake located here on campus


“I’m going to hang out with my brother in Founder’s tonight.”

Founder’s is code for Founder’s Woods which is the apartment style living on campus.


“I have an appointment over in Lownik today.”

Lownik is the building where all of the counselors and financial aid advisers are located.


Neff looks sooo nice since they built it!”

Neff  is the brand new building designated for freshman advising and recruiting. It is also a spot where alumni meet.


“Bonfire in the Quad!!”

The Quad  located in the middle of the campus. It is where our sand volleyball court and fire pit are located.

Coal Ben

“Do you want to run over to the Coal Ben with me later?”

Mmmm! The Coal Ben is the best place to chill here on campus when you’re looking for some yummy food to munch on.


“Who’s she?”…”Oh, that girl’s from Neuzil.”

Pronounced NEW-ZILL, Neuzil is the co-ed floor residence hall that hosts the majority of sophmores who live on campus.


“Oh my gosh, I love Rice!!”

Not the food. The Rice Center is the brand new fitness center built here on campus in 2011. It’s fantastic.


“AHH! What was that?!”…..”It must’ve been Rebecca.

Rebecca is the ghost that supposedly haunts Jaeger Hall. I happen to live there and have seen nothing of the sort.

Oreo Blast

“Have you tried the Oreo Blast?”

The Oreo Blast is probably the most popular smoothie to get at the Coal Ben.


“I have 3 classes in Kindlon today!”

Kindlon Hall of Learning, Kindlon for short, is a building with 5 floors and lower level that has classrooms, the library, study zones, and the University Ministry.

The Tunnels

“I think the Tunnels are cool!”

The Tunnels are tunnels that are said to run underground connecting Benedictine to Benet Academy, Villa St.Benedict, and St. Procopius Abbey.


“That RA is the best! She’s so helpful!”

An RA is a Residence Assistant. They are students just like you who live in the residence halls; they make sure everything in the hall runs smoothly.


“Can you give me a swipe? My card ran out.”

A swipe is a meal swipe. You slide your I.D card every time you want to pay for a meal.


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