Picking Classes

As each semester comes to an end, we all should have an idea of what to expect for the next semester. We get about seven semesters to actually pick our classes because we receive guidance for our first semester as a college student. One should rely on trusted advice that will let them get the best results for each semester. Here are some considerations that should come into account when picking classes:

Meet with an Advisor

This should be the first step in picking classes. At Benedictine, it is mandatory that the student meet with their advisor before they can register for classes. Advisors are the ones that have the resources to keep one on a four-year plan to graduate in time. Do not wait to sign up to meet with them, their schedules fill up fast!

What is your major?

Having a declared major is a huge accomplishment. Whatever one may decide to major in is going to be part of one’s life for a long time. The major decided on will declare most of the classes you enroll in. Look at the course catalog carefully because many classes do have prerequisites for required classes in the future.
If a major has not been declared, do not worry yet! This is why there are general education classes that serve as electives. It gives students time to make sure they make the right decision regarding their major. One may want to pick out a few majors that they are interested in and then take classes in those fields to see if one may interest you enough to declare it as a major.

Picking classes around your schedule

It is ideal to pick classes based on scheduling conflicts. College students often have a part-time or full-time job when going to school. Picking classes that take place in the morning or afternoon is up to the student themselves. If you have no motivation in the morning and like to sleep in, an 8am class is not for you! Be smart about picking classes and scheduling conflicts. A semester can either go by fast or slow depending on how satisfied one is with the course and their schedule.

Keeping options open

Classes do fill up really fast. At Benedictine, it goes by year in school and credit hours. It is possible for a junior to register when seniors do if one has enough hours. Freshman always get last pick, but the electives that are required normally never fill up because all the upper classman are done with them. It’s always better to have a couple different options when designing a semester schedule. I tend to have my first option of semester classes in the Enrollment Shopping Cart, while my second option is written out on a piece of paper. If I know of a class that may be difficult to get into, I will have a backup in case it becomes wait listed.

Picking classes has always been an enjoyable time for me! I like the feeling of getting close to ending one semester and starting the next. As you get deeper into your major classes, reality becomes more real and graduation will start to be on the mind.


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