Thanksgiving Dinner Here at BenU

Thanksgiving is rolling around and it’s time to get together to give thanks, and eat!  As if there weren’t enough reasons for me to be thankful this year, Benedictine has added another: Thanksgiving Dinner!

Not all of my family could make it to family weekend, so I’m happy they had the opportunity to come to a campus event.

I heard that the dinner was very popular every year and that the line would be out the door at 4 o’ clock, but everything went smoothly and there was no line at all! Even though a ton of people did show up, it was a very swift route to the food and there was plenty of seating 🙂

The dinner was a hit! There were so many choices to choose from; I thought I was going to need two plates. There was turkey, halal turkey, ham, pasta, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, salad, Waldorf salad, corn, pumpkin pie, cherry cobbler, apple cider, and so much more. The sweet potatoes were definitely my favorite, as well as the pumpkin pie of course. Everything was super tasty and I definitely went back for seconds….possibly thirds.

It was wonderful to see that so many people came with their friends from school and many people brought there families; everyone leaving with a satisfied stomach and a smile on their face. So if you were questioning whether or not you should attend the Thanksgiving Dinner here next year, the answer is a definite yes.


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