Looking back to choosing a college.

As I work all the open houses I can only think back to all the college visits I had done as a high school senior. I remember the hard decision of choosing a school. I wanted to go to a school that would have new expierences that were not available in high school, yet allow me to suceed as I did in high school. There were countless schools that I had looked at with all sorts of features and options. It was hard to think about where I would fit in the best. You had to take the word of the admission personel, and hope that the school was really right for you.

I rember as my senior year had come to an end I had narrowed down my list to two schools, finally deciding on Benedictine. Many conciderations were made as to what I wanted, from my chances to suceed academically, to how I would fit in, and what I could be involved in. Benedictine was unique, it was small enough where I would get my questions answered by my professors, yet large enough for me to meet new people constantly . There were many clubs that I could join and cool events to be attended. I look back at all that I have done and realize all the preperation, and hard work college takes. To be seccussful in choosing the right school it takes alot of thought and time. Looking back as a senior, I have no regrets. Benedictine has fufilled all my expectations and exceded in many regards.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this! As an alumnus I can say that choosing a college isn’t easy, nor is it a fast decision to make. You have to take into account if the school offers your major, how much for tuition and other fees, if you want to commute or live on campus, how far from home it is, what extracurricular activities and so forth. I live in Jersey and attended a private Catholic high school, so I considered Catholic colleges in PA and Delaware as well as nonreligious schools in those areas. There’s a lot to take into consideration so be careful in the selection process.

    1. No problem…Thanks for reading my post! I understand there are many complexities that go into finding the college that is a perfect fit! Applicants may find it helpful to creat a checklist so one can visulize the pros and cons of the diffrent schools. Have everything that is important to oneself on that list, or one could even have a system to rank schools if that will help. Future college students must not forget the most important aspect of choosing a college that no list, fact sheet, or other piece of propganda will tell you; that is how you fit in. Listen to your instincts, when you visit the school and if you feel It’s a good fit and it meets your specs, chances are you found the school where you will have the best four years of your life!

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