Textbook Tips

When registering for semester classes, one might also be budgeting money to prepare to buy a stack of textbooks for their upcoming classes. Textbooks can be expensive, but there are cheaper ways to save money while still receiving the desired materials.

Use Peers as Resources: Friends and other students will be the best resources for borrowing or using their old textbooks. Check with anyone who has previously taken the course before buying from anywhere else. Students’ prices will be extremely lower because they just want to get rid of the book, while also making a little extra money. Books from other students will be really common with general education courses because majority of the students have to take these classes.

Used textbooks or rental books: These are two options that are always going to be cheaper than purchasing brand new textbooks. The Barnes & Noble Bookstore (online) or the one located in Krasa Center both offer these options. One will find that these options work just as well as a new textbook, except the prices are significantly different. Websites such as Half.com, Chegg, and Amazon all offer textbooks at lower prices than one would normally find. Although, one may have no idea where they have previously been, most of the time it may be other students placing their books online to earn extra money. However, if serious about purchasing textbooks online, make sure to check the ISBN (International Standard Book Number) and that it matches the desired textbook for the courses.

Be patient with buying textbooks in the beginning: Textbooks are too expensive to not be absolutely positive that it is the required text for the class. Being patient during the first week of classes to purchase the materials is not the worst thing. The professor may emphasize how important the text is to the course, or they may make it optional which has happened to me. Also, the instructor may let the class use an older edition of the material that will be cheaper than the newer ones. Too many times I have purchased either the wrong textbook or a textbook that will not be needed. Be patient with buying books for classes because there are enough out on the websites for everyone.

Unfortunately, money is going to be spent on textbooks, and a lot of it! Remember, sell back the textbooks to the bookstore, even if purchased online, or to other students. They may be in the same boat as you!



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