Tips to Survive Freshman Year!

College is not something we are accustomed to, it is something different for everyone. As a freshman you will hit many obstacles that you will have to surpass. I am a freshmen here and I will provide you with the main tips that you will need as you make the big transition into college. The main tips that I have for you are as follows: be sure to get involved, do not get stressed, stay in touch with your professors, and make good friends.

Make sure to get involved here at Benedictine University, there are several clubs that you can join. Some of the clubs that the University has are helpful for many majors that the students are pursuing. Also the University is okay with the students taking the leadership to create a new club that they and a few friends are interested in. Also by getting involved on campus you will be able to enjoy an amazing college experience, many of the students that are commuters do not stay on campus to hang out with friends or attend meetings for clubs. Several of them go to class, and then go home which will make their experience boring and will not enjoy college. Benedictine University has many opportunities for students to get involved, they have small DJ parties at the Coal Ben during the week, Bonfires in the quad, or even  movie nights at Krasa. You can also get involved by working on campus, working on campus is a great way to get experience for new students in the work force. It will also look great on your resume which will help you in the future when you are in the search for a job outside of campus.

One of the things that usually happens to freshmen as they make the big change from high school to college is that they get stressed. My advice and probably the advice you will get from any college student you talk to, will be not to get stressed. Its easier said than done, I know but you have to make the effort and try to restrain from it. What I do when I am about to become stressed is usually talk to friends and just get my mind off what ever is stressing me,  it can be a test or it can just be the decisions you will have to make. Just take everything easy and don’t let anything get to you that will make you fall. If you ever need help, there are always upper class men that are willing to help as well as the professors.

Be able to communicate, make sure to become more open and social. I highly recommend as a freshmen to be part of the Bridge Program that Benedictine University has before school starts. It is a week long program that will really help you and get you out of the state of shyness. You really will need this, when you are struggling you will want to talk to your professor or the student tutors. They will not know if you are struggling, they will only know if you ask questions and if you talk to them personally. Most of your friends may make fun of you if you become a teachers pet, but in college it is one thing you will have to become. The professor will really like if they know their students, but that is only possible if you the student take the initiative to stay in touch with the professor.

Make sure you do not get peer pressureed, at Benedictine University it is very easy to make friends. So make sure to create friendships with the right people, if you truly want, make friends with the smart but at the same time with the fun ones. Just make sure to learn how to say “no” at the times when you have to study. Don’t let them tell you what to do and what not to do, you are your own person that should make your own decisions. As a college student you are pretty much a adult that should be able to make the right choices. Do not get carried away and have too much fun, you need to even it out. Sometimes you will have to do more studying than having fun which is totally normal. Which to me, is the right thing, I make sure to have fun but I also make sure to study so I do not fall behind. I hope these tips helped, just make sure to ask questions, make the right friends, get involved enough so that your not only in clubs and do not have time for school, do not be shy and talk to your professors, and don’t get stressed and if you do just take a break from what ever you were doing.


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