Choosing Classes as a Freshman

As a freshman at Benedictine, I know what it’s like at the beginning when you’re choosing your first college classes for the new semester. You will have to do this every semester. It’s somewhat scary, but also exciting! Since I knew what major I would be choosing right away, my class schedule was somewhat chosen for me. However, some incoming freshman don’t know what they would like to major in quite yet. This is where your core classes ( in other words, your general education classes) come into play.

Benedictine requires the general requirements such as science, social science, literature, math, and the arts, as well as specific courses that Benedictine wants you to take. This includes four courses of Humanities and a course of Theology (religion). For theology, there are a wide variety of different courses you can choose from and the classes are more like a history course, than a religion course. CLICK HERE to see all of our core classes that Benedictine requires! Since our campus is very diverse and it is “techincally” a Catholic college, we do offer varieties of courses for each person for your theology class. It might sound like a lot to take for your core classes, but don’t worry! All of your core classes are spread out through your entire four years at Benedictine along with the classes required for your major!

If you are undecided for your major, you can knock out a few core classes as a freshman. Plus, a lot of these classes can actually help you figure out which path you’d like to take while you’re in college! So by taking these classes, it will tell you what you like to learn about and what you don’t! Choosing a career has a lot to do with what you enjoy so make it a learning adventure!

However, if you do know what you’d like to major in (like I did!), then your advisor is EXTREMELY helpful with planning your classes over your four years! You plan a one-on-one meeting with your advisor and talk about your plan and how your classes will go year by year. For every major, there is a course plan that tells you a general reference of which classes you will be taking each semester. To see the lists for each different major, CLICK HERE! When you click on each major, it gives you a description of the major and shows the classes required for that major!

For the core classes, you have some space to choose which ones you would like to take each semester and if you want to take more or less. To be a full-time student, you need 12-18 credit hour classes. All classes range in a different amount of credits and you have a lot of space to choose which classes you’d like to take.

It’s time to talk about *drumroll*….. AP CREDIT! Now as a highschool student, you have probably taken a variety of AP classes in high-school. The tests you took for those classes can knock out some college credits and get you out of taking a few classes. During my senior year of high-school, I took AP Biology and scored a 4  and was able to get 3 college credit hours and not take the beginning biology course that most freshman take! To check out the scores you need on your AP test to recieve college credit, you can CLICK HERE and see how many credits you get per class. Also, if you took more advanced classes that were not AP classes, you will still be placed in a higher course in that subject. So you don’t have to worry about taking calculus in high-school, but being placed in algebra! You are placed in classes based on your skills and a short entrance exam you take before college starts!

Unlike high-school, you don’t have to wake up at the same time every day or early in the morning if you don’t feel like it! You get to schedule your classes based on whenever you want! If you’re not a morning person, take an afternoon class! Or if you like being up early, take those classes! There’s some nights classes that are offered (especially if you’re a science major!), but those classes are offered in the afternoon or morning as well! That is the beauty of college life, you’re your own boss! You have a choice of when you want to take your classes for a semester! Most of my classes start at 9:30am because I didn’t want to start too early, but at the same time get my classes for the day out of the way and have more time in the evening to do homework or socailize with friends!

As you can see, choosing classes is not so scary as everyone thinks! It’s a very easy process! If you have any more questions, just post a comment! As a freshman at BenU, I’m still learning the ways to college life and the INS and OUTS of this new experience 🙂


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