Being A Runner at BenU!

Sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around what being a new college student will be like, let alone a college athlete.  I’m here to let you know that choosing to participate in a sport at Benedictine is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.  I was never a superstar runner in high school (I’m still not) but I always knew that I loved to run. I knew that when high school ended that I would have a hard time letting go of being part of a team.  A lot of students give up playing their sport in college because they feel they won’t have the time in their new schedules; HUGE mistake! It’s crazy to admit, but I feel like I’d have almost TOO much time on my hands if it weren’t for cross country and track.  If your passionate about running or any other sport you participated in high school, you don’t have to give it up!

I’m about to finish up my first cross country season at BenU. I’ve only known the team for a couple of months but there’s really only one word to describe them: Family.  The great thing about participating in a sport in college is that you get to know upperclassmen right away.  They’re there to give you any advice you need about classes, buying books, or time management. I remember in my first two weeks at BenU the upperclassmen had already taken us bowling, to the movies, to downtown Naperville for frozen yogurt, and to the outlet mall off campus.  Your teammates will become a resource for you. They’re there whenever you need a study buddy or someone to just get your mind off of a busy day.

Running at BenU has opened up so many opportunities for me, especially opportunities to get off campus.  I’ve traveled to schools as far south as Augustana to as far North as Oshkosh and Concordia in Wisconsin (where I got to jump into Lake Michigan after my race). I’ve gotten to volunteer at places like Feed My Starving Children and even got to go to the Milwaukee Marathon to cheer on my coach. If your passionate for a sport you did before you entered college, like running for me,  don’t ever hesitate to carry it through in college.  You’ll never regret the friendships you’ve formed, the opportunities you’ve gotten, or how much you’ve improved at what you love. Go Eagles :)!


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