Weekend Fun (Things to do on Campus)

I am a happy resident of Jaeger Hall and there is always something to do on campus. I am also a floor representative on Jaeger Hall Council; we meet once a week to plan fun events and activities for Jaeger Hall Residents.  Some events we have had in Jaeger so far this year are craft night, pajama party/movie night, scary movie night, a scavenger hunt, and there are much more to come!  Aside from Jaeger Hall events, there are so many more activities and fun nights planned around campus.  We’ve watched 21 Jump Street and The Cabin In The Woods in the Krasa Dining Hall, competed $200 in ThinkFast! trivia game at the Coal Ben, attended Quad day where we had slip n’ slides and a massive game of twister, and even got to see live wolves in the quad when a nature museum visited.

1. Cards and Games:If there isn’t an event happening on campus, there is still plenty of things to do to have fun. My friends and I have become addicted to playing Apples to Apples. We’ve gotten 8 people together to play in one of the lounges.  We play cards a lot! Everyone knows a different card game so it’s really easy to get a fun night going.  When we’re not playing cards, we play board games like scrabble, it’s always good to brush up on vocabulary 😉

2. Coal Ben:I always love going to the Coal Ben and grabbing a smoothie with my friends. The Oreo Blasts are the common favorite.  They have TV’s and plenty of space; it’s a great place to get together with friends to chat, or even to watch the Bears game. Plus, the food there is delicious.

3. Movies, movies, movies!: One of our favorite things to do on the weekend is watch movies. We’ve all brought tons of movies to watch so there’s always a lot to pick from. You can watch movies in the lounge, but we always go to whoever’s room is the comfiest.  Once we pushed the beds together, ordered Chinese food, stayed up to 4am watching romances, and had a sleepover. Definitely a fun night.

4. TV :We have awesome cable here. The good thing about this is that there’s always something interesting to watch on TV; the bad thing is, you might never want to leave the room! The new season of American Horror Story has recently come on, and I’ve found myself watching it down the hall in my friend’s room…and I don’t even like scary movies!

5. Get creative :Do something crafty! I’ve been keeping up with my sketching, but I have found so many more creative things to do while trying to kill time between classes, other than studying of course. I’ve put so many posters up on my wall, it’s not even funny.  One day I got the idea to make a bunch of origami cranes and string them across the room to make it look like they’re flying. Little did I know, I made about 30 cranes over the span of 2 days.  I’ve decorated my door for Halloween and other seasons. Making collages with photos of friends, decorate the room, and rearranging furniture are also fun, creative things to do.

7. Go Wild!: No! Not like that, I’m talking about the awesome nature museum here. The Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum is an awesome place to go to see plenty of wild, exotic animals. They’re aren’t alive of course, but they are still fun to look at. Standing 1 foot away from a lion that seems to be glaring at you will definitely wake you up. The polar bear there is one of my favorites, along with all of the super exotic birds.

8. Show Some Spirit: Go to a football game in our gorgeous stadium! Cheer on the Eagles as they go for victory! I love going to the football games, they launch free shirts at the audience. FREE SHIRTS.

9. Order Pizza:Last weekend, my friends and I ordered 2 pizzas. 1 double cheese with pepperoni and 1 with triple cheese. We were in a food coma afterwords, but we had a blast and it was so worth it.

10. Pump Iron:The Rice Center was completely renovated in 2011. Everything is brand new! It’s a wonderful place to go to work out with a 7,500-square foot cardio and circuit training area and a 5,200-square foot strength training area.  We also have a state-of-the-art facility featuring two Sportsman model golf simulation units from Full Swing Golf. Plenty of ways to stay fit at the fitness center here on campus.

11. Organize:Organizing may not seem like fun, but cleaning the room and getting your stuff back to where you want it reduces so much stress. I personally think that cleaning up my room is super fun.

12. Dance/ Be Silly:Once my friends came to my dorm wanting to have a dance party. We went down the hall; they played soft rock and basically did interpretive dancing in slow-mo. Dancing like a dork with your friends is always fun.

13.  Get a Job :There are plenty of jobs on campus up for grabs. Being a student ambassador, I get to blog and help work at events. You could work in the cafeteria, the Coal Ben, give tours,  make phone calls and so much more!

14. Make a list: Making lists can be fun. I’ve made lists of things I need for room next time my mom stops by, a list of music I want to download, and even a list of fun things to do on campus.


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