On-Campus Jobs

Why skip classes for work when you can just get a job on campus? As a college student, you definitely need some money in your pocket to survive. Benedictine’s campus offers so many jobs for students! Some of these include:

Student ambassador

Library front desk

Campus services

Secretary at Student Success Center/Lownik


Cafeteria/Coal Ben

Teacher’s assistant

Student caller

Concession stand at sporting events

Rice center front desk

And manyy more!

Personally, I have been a tutor for Physiology and Biochemistry for 2 years. I choose my hours for each week and have to just show up during those couple hours and help students out. Sometimes no students show up for help, so I get to do my homework there and get paid! I’m also a Student Ambassador and Orientation Leader, helping out at admissions events throughout the year. The hours are flexible, the job is fun, and you get to work with incoming college students! I have also been a teacher’s assistant (TA) for chemistry, biology, and microbiology labs. I chose to get credits instead of getting paid, but you can do it as a job as well. There are so many opportunities to make some money and not have to leave campus!


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