A Day In The Life as a Ben U Commuter

The great thing about living so close to BenU (2-3 minutes by car, 10-15 min by bike) is that I have the convenience of a resident with the living space of a commuter. However, I can’t speak for everyone; a lot of commuters live a good 20 minute or longer drive away from school.

A commuter’s day looks a lot like a resident. Wake up, eat, get to class, eat, and finish classes, eat, study, and sleep. But what a resident has built into his or her schedule that a commuter might not, with the hours spent commuting a week, is the social aspect of being a student at Ben U; truly becoming a part of the school not just academically, but socially as well.

In the first few weeks at school, I spent most of my time studying and  my in between time was spent in the library, class, or at home. As I figured out some days after, there are a plethora of clubs and organizations to be involved in and if there isn’t one I liked, I could start my own (which my friend and I are planning to do).

Club and organization information can be found pasted all over the walls in Kindlon and other buildings, or even online.

Apart from clubs and organizations though, are the people that I can meet here. It kind of sounds cliche but everyone here is really open and inviting and talking to them isn’t really an issue unless you make it one. I met my first friends here through the Freshman Orientation but it’s not the only time to open up to others and say hi. The library is one of these places that can either be spent in isolation, or it’s a place to meet other people and study with them, too.

The biggest difference between a commuter and a resident then, isn’t really where one lives or how one gets to school; it’s all in whether or not a student makes him or herself a part of the Benedictine University community.


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