Benefit of being a Resident at Benedictine University

As a resident of Benedictine University, there are many opportunities that you can take advantage of. For example, if you are a deep sleeper, someone who needs their sleep, you are able to get to class even if you wake up five minutes before class starts. All the buildings are approximately three minutes away from each other.

There are many events that take place on campus that many residents have the opportunity to attend. On the dorm doors you will see that there are many things going on, for example, about two weeks ago a hypnotist came to campus which many students attended and witnessed others getting hypnotized. Also you are able to get more time to study instead of traveling from school to home, you can never know when there will be traffic or not.

Many freshmen that come into college tend to be shy, staying on campus will help you to become more social. When I first came to Benedictine University, I was that kid that sat alone at a table, the one who walked at the end of the line, and at the end of the day, I met many people who are my good friends now and one of them is my roommate.

I personally think and have experienced that living on campus and away from family will make you more responsible. It will get you prepared for the real life once your on your own. It may be different at first, living with someone who you just met, not being used to having a roommate. I had a room to myself back at home, surprisingly smaller than the dorms in Ondrak hall, so it was a change but you will slowly adapt to it and realize that you made the right decisions.


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